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american international export trading company

American International Export Trading Company

Outpost Global Trading Company is an American export trading company. Many US companies would like to sell their products overseas, but they are unsure how to handle the challenges that arise. An international trading company, like Outpost Global, provides valuable resources and expertise in areas such as relationships with foreign buyers, documentation, clearing customs, and financing the transaction while mitigating transaction and logistical risks.

How Risky is International Trading?

Extremely risky! When you sell and export products overseas you run into many problems. What happens if the customer doesn’t pay you? What if the ship transporting your products has to dump the cargo due to bad weather (it happens frequently)? As your international trading company, Outpost Global absorbs the risk by becoming your local customer.

Why Hire an American Trading Company?

American trading companies, like Outpost Global, have access to US government programs that allow us to safely insure and finance the international transaction. We also leverage private financial and insurance companies to structure a deal that mitigates risk to all parties involved. In addition, we use relationships that have been meticulously cultivated to ensure that we are able to streamline the logistics process. We have relationships with foreign buyers, freight forwarders and shipping companies worldwide.

By using an American export trading company you will no longer have to worry about preparing documentation required to clear customs and ship the products. Outpost Global Trading Company will be your local customer. Let us handle all the international trading so you can focus on your core business!