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export to amazon in australia

Export to Amazon in Australia

Amazon has officially announced that they will be opening a retail market in Australia. This is a huge opportunity for international brands and manufacturers to sell in a new market with low overhead costs. Amazon uses fulfillment centers (warehouses) to store your products, and that is how they become eligible for Amazon Prime.

If you hire the right export trading company, you can setup the logistics so that your products are shipped from the USA and go straight to the Amazon fulfillment centers or distributors. Outpost Global Trading Company already has experience with getting products to Amazon fulfillment centers worldwide. We can help expedite this process for you while mitigating logistics and finance risk. As an American trading company, we have access to US Government finance and insurance programs. That means we can get your products to Amazon in Australia safely and quickly!

In addition, by using us as your export trading company, we can handle documentation, customs, and you get to take advantage of ourĀ logistics network. Selling products on Amazon and growing those sales can be enough work as it is. Let Outpost Global Trading Company handle your international exporting of products to Amazon in Australia so that you can focus on your core business!