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An American International Export Trading Company

Outpost Global Trading Company is an American international export trading company, specializing in servicing American Manufacturers, Overseas Retailers, E-Commerce Companies, Foreign Buyers, Distributors and Agents. We give both domestic and international companies the opportunity to grow in international markets through importing and exporting.

With a team of professionals that have 30+ years of international trade and finance experience, Outpost Global Trading Company has developed the perfect relationships to support and execute the flawless transactions expected of an international trading company. We leverage our expertise and several tools such as US Government financing and insurance programs to mitigate risk and provide a smooth experience.

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We have found many western businesses that would like to do business or sell their products overseas, but they are unsure how to handle the challenges that come with it. Our experience as an international trading company gives us the tools needed to navigate the complex waters of relationships with foreign buyers, submitting the necessary documentation, clearing customs, and financing the transaction while mitigating transaction and logistical risks. Consider us for your export trading company!

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Export American Craft Beer

We work with American Craft Breweries to grow their sales through international markets. As many craft breweries are discovering, the domestic market is very saturated. The good news is that the demand for American craft beer in international markets is higher than it has ever been before. As a member of the Brewers Association, Outpost Global Trading Company aims to be the industry leader in helping breweries to capitalize on these foreign opportunities.

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Are you an overseas buyer with an interest in American products? We understand the challenge of not being familiar with a foreign market, language, culture or  business practices. Outpost Global, an American trading company, can assist you with finding the right export-ready supplier, negotiating the best price and preparing the necessary documentation. In addition, as your export trading company, we can setup financing and mitigate transaction and logistics risk.

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